Does Your Dog Daycare Have An Anxiety Prevention Program?

05 Feb

Dog daycare, also referred to as doggie daycare, caters to dogs on a part-time basis. It fills a gap between day kenneling and long-term pet sitting, wherein the sitter visits the animal's home in his or her absence. Dog daycare provides an exceptional opportunity for owners to interact with their dogs and build stronger, more trusting relationships.

Dogs that live alone and are not involved with humans have been exposed to many negative influences. These include not only constant threats of violence, but also exposure to many different kinds of people, like strangers, people who are sadistic, and cruel people. This can result in negative behavior such as begging, tearing up the food given to them, and becoming over friendly or even violent. A lot of this has to do with inadequate socialization during the dog's youth. With the help of dog daycare professionals, however, this is less likely to happen.
When it comes to putting dogs in dog daycare, it's important to keep several things in mind. First of all, it's a good idea to consider the ages of the dogs. A large, energetic Aussie may not be a good fit for a children-centered program, nor would a more docile Chihuahua make a good fit with a children-based program. As a general rule, though, most programs work better if the dogs are between 10 months to four years old. Do make sure to check out  what Union Lake Pet Services has to offer. 

Another thing to think about when putting dogs into canine daycare is how much time the dogs will be spending interacting with humans. Many dogs who are more social animals than they are with humans, especially in the wild, don't do well in a one-on-one setting. In order to keep these dogs in good health, it's a good idea to place them with adults who are not demanding as well as with other less social animals. (Other social animals include other dogs and cats.)
The last thing to consider when putting dogs in dog daycare is whether or not the dogs will be in a pack setting. A pack setting involves several dogs, all of which have bonded with each other. At most, this type of boarding will involve two dogs. (It's okay if there's more than one but not more than three.) Many owners prefer a pack setting because it allows the dogs to get along better and it makes them better behaved. Do make sure to check out top options now. 

The socialization that dog daycares offer to dogs can alleviate some of the problems involved in anxiety. Dogs that are in a pack setting with other dogs will be less anxious than dogs in a group that are not familiar with each other. (There are also certain types of socialization that can be done in dog daycares, so be sure to ask about any special techniques they use.) It's always a good idea to keep an eye out for socialization as well. If daycare is doing everything they can to offer dogs appropriate socialization, it may be a sign that the daycare is a good fit for your pet. Learn more about the benefits of dog day care here:

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